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A collaboration between Whiteworks and Jorge Perez - Martin of Brownrigg.

Jorge 1.jpg

The charismatic Jorge Perez - Martin is joint founder of Brownrigg with his partner David Gibson.  From their base in nearby Tetbury, they have a worldwide following for their imaginatively sourced,  beautiful and sometimes wonderfully eccentric antiques and 20th Century decorative furniture.

A fragment of the original Toile caught Jorge’s eye, while wandering through the antique quarter of Seville in his native Spain. His enthusiasm is catching and we took up the challenge to re-create and reimagine this 18th century design.

Jorge’s Toile is a romantic and intricate repeating pattern of mythical creatures, chinoiserie figures, winding tree trunks, foliage and flowers, traditionally screen printed by hand on linen. 

We have produced the design in the original Document Colours as well as creating further variations. 

Click here for Gallery Images

1 Document ( 5 Colour).jpg

Document (5 Colour)
Ref: FJT - 1

2 Spring Greens and Pink.jpg

Spring Variation (5 Colour)
Ref: FJT - 3

3 Blue Green and Pink.jpg

Summer Variation (5 Colour)
Ref: FJT - 5

4 Mustard and Reds.jpg

Autumn Variation (5 Colour)
Ref: FJT - 7

7 Burgundy and Pink.jpg

Document (2 Colour Variation)
Ref: FJT - 2

Spring 2 Colour.jpg

Spring Variation (2 Colour)
Ref: FJT - 4

6 Claret and Jade 2 colour.jpg

Summer Variation (2 Colour)
Ref: FJT - 6


Printed Width:140cm

Vertical Repeat: 32.35cm

Retail price per lineal metre

£208.00 ex VAT (5 Colour)

£183,00 ex VAT (2 Colour)

Trade and Quantity Discounts as relevant

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Click here for further information and T&C.

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