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Our Printed Papers are machine printed in the UK on to a heavy weight good quality uncoated base paper.  Please click here to request hanging instructions.


The machine printing is carried out in a controlled factory environment, which does provide good uniformity of finish. However, even under these controlled conditions we cannot always guarantee complete uniformity particularly between batches.  If this is of concern, please contact us to discuss this in more detail ahead of ordering.


Ex stock will be a maximum of 5 days.  If not in stock, we advise that a guide minimum time of 4 weeks from finalisation of order to dispatch should be allowed.


Confirmation of order can be covered by an exchange of pre-order paperwork.  All orders will require full settlement of a proforma invoice. Finalisation of order and commitment to supply will only be confirmed following settlement of the proforma invoice or when all necessary production details are received by us, whichever is later.


All pro forma invoices shall be an offer by us to sell the goods subject to these terms and conditions. The pro forma invoice, together with these terms and conditions, shall form the “Agreement” between us.


Because of the potential for uniformity issues between batches and the manufacturing times involved, it is recommended that you err on the side of caution when ordering.


All prices quoted directly or on our Price Lists will exclude VAT or other UK Sales Taxes.  They will exclude any import or export duties where applicable.  They will also exclude carriage charges, which can be quoted at time of order once delivery address and all other information becomes available.  All taxes will be chargeable in accordance with current UK guidelines.


You should unpack and inspect your order immediately on delivery. Within 3 days of delivery please give notice in writing if any of the goods are not in accordance with the written order, damaged or defective.

No claims for faulty fabrics or wallpapers can be made after the fabrics or wallpapers have been cut or hung.

We cannot accept claims for non-delivery of the order unless notified in writing within 5 days of the agreed delivery date.


Cancellations or amendments of orders must be confirmed in writing whereupon we will endeavour to cancel or amend the order accordingly.  Your order cannot be cancelled or amended without our agreement if  we have already  put the order in to production.

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