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This Hand Painted Design takes inspiration from the gloriouus chinoiserie designs at Drottningholm Palace in Sweden with the inherent variation between each hand painted element lending a unique freshness.

This design is individually hand painted on to a standard width plain wallpaper ground colour with budgeting determined by the requirements of each individual prorject.

We are always happy to discuss bespoke designs and this process can be carefully tailored to work with the dimensions of any room or location to minimise wastage


Drotti Document Colour HP5A


Drotti Green and Pink HP5B


Printed width: 53cm

Roll length:10m or to suit location

Vertical Repeat: Varies with design

Please Click Email icon to enquire about this wallpaper.

PRICING - Every project is individually priced, but a suggested initial guide price for this design would start at £ 125.00 per m of standard 52cm width paper 

SAMPLING -- Because our hand painted paper is bespoke hand painted to order in drops for specific wall areas and rooms, samples are precious and often offcuts, but we can offer returnable samples on a deposit basis.

Samples at substantial scale of our hand painted papers will be supplied for approval as part of the design and developmental process for specific projects and will be included in the set up costs.

Click here for further information and T&C.

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