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Deco festival 2.jpg
Deco ghost.jpg
Deco HB1.jpg
Deco Hb Peacock and gold.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 15.36.23.png

Deco Festival Pink and Green

Ref No: Jet - HBD - 1

Deco Peacock and Gold

Ref No: Jet - HBD - 3

Deco Ghost

Ref No: Jet - HBD - 4

Deco Yellow and Gold

Ref No: Jet - HBD -2

Deco Festival Pink and Green, Flax Yellow Hand Dyed Linen on Sofa

Deco Peacock and Gold, Posy Blue on Chair


Printed width: 52cm

Roll length:10m

Vertical Repeat:17.5cm

Retail price per roll

£220.00 ex VAT

Trade and Quantity Discounts as relevant

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