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The Jet Collection of hand- dyed linens is created by a master dyer, who hand mixes the colours to dye the fabric at low temperature to give an unusually effective depth of colour.  The heavy linen basecloth, is suitable for domestic and contract upholstery

These designs can be bespoke coloured on request.

Blue Plain.jpg

Hand-Dyed Cornflower Blue

Ref No: Jet - FPL - 1 

Pink Plain.jpg

Hand-Dyed Rose Pink

Ref No: Jet - FPL - 4 

Flax Plain.jpg

Hand-Dyed Flax Yellow

Ref No: Jet - FPL - 7 

Peach Plain.jpg

Hand-Dyed Peach

Ref No: Jet - FPL - 10


Sofa in Vert Green 

Moon Gold Plain.jpg

Hand-Dyed Moon Gold

Ref No: Jet - FPL - 2 

Green Plain.jpg

Hand-Dyed Vert

Ref No: Jet - FPL - 5 

Raspeberry Plain.jpg

Hand-Dyed Raspberry

Ref No: Jet - FPL - 8

Wedggwood Greens.jpg

Hand-Dyed Wedgwood
Green Ref No: Jet - FPL-11


Sofa in Flax Yellow with Pink Piping 

Sea Green Plain.jpg

Hand-Dyed Sea Green

Ref No: Jet - FPL - 3 

Cinnamon Plain.jpg

Hand-Dyed Cinnamon

Ref No: Jet - FPL - 6

Faded Blue Plain.jpg

Hand-Dyed Faded Blue

Ref No: Jet - FPL - 9


Raspberry Sofa with Pine Handblock Wallpaper

IMG_5798 2.jpg

Cornflower Blue


Dyed Width:140cm

Composition: Heavy Linen

Rubs: 38,000

Retail price per lineal metre

£80.50 ex VAT

Trade and Quantity Discounts as relevant

Email to enquire about this fabric or to order a sample.

Click here for further information and T&C.

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