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Showroom 2019

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We are very excited to be part of the exciting developments in Langton Street planned for 2019. The Guy Goodfellow Collection showroom has been completely refurbished and we are delighted with our new and enlarged space within it following our only recent arrival in May 2018. We are able to display all colourways of our Wallpapers including the recently added Handblock Collection as well as generous hangings of all our Velvet and Linen Fabric designs and colourways. We have also taken the opportunity to show Mercury Hare’s wonderful handthrown lamps topped with our own JET Collection Lampshades made with special width printings of selected papers.

We share the Guy Goodfellow Collection space with our esteemed and talented fellow exhibitors – Guy Goodfellow, Fanny Shorter, Allyson McDermott, Cloth and Clover, Pink House and exciting new addition Susan Deliss. With support from the showroom team of new leader Imogen and Sophie many events are in planning of which details will be forthcoming soon. It is also good that Langton Street itself is increasingly making its mark as a design destination and there will be collaboration with other Langton Street destinations including The Fabric Collective by Penny Morrison, McWhirter Morris and Toad to ensure that this momentum continues.

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