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This 'Barley' design celebrates the artisanal beauty of the corn stooks of traditional harvest.  


These screen printed linens are printed in the UK using traditional hand crafted techniques. Click here to view this design now created also in Hand Block Wallpaper


On request, these designs can be trialled on different base cloths or bespoke coloured.


Barley Spring Greens

Ref No: Jet - BAF - 1

Barley Blue 2.jpg

Barley Document Blue

Ref No: Jet - BAF - 4


Golden Barley on nursing chair with Drotti hand Painted Paper

Barley Wedgwood Greens.jpg

Barley Wedgwood Greens

Ref No: Jet - BAF - 2

Barley Gold.jpg

Golden Barley

Ref No: Jet - BAF - 5


Barley Madder Reds 

Ref No: Jet - BAF - 3


Barley Madder Reds with Drotti hand Painted Paper and Cinnamon Cushion

Please click Email Icon to enquire about this fabric or to order a sample.

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Printed Width:140cm

Vertical Repeat: 27cm

Retail price per lineal metre

£175.00 ex VAT

Trade and Quantity Discounts as relevant

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