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Peter Lloyd Jones

Peter Lloyd-Jones was selected to exhibit at the prestigious Ruth Borchard Prize Exhibition 2017. His wonderful work, as shown above, – The Conversation – had the honour of being one of the works chosen to be bought into the Borchard private collection.

One can see in his work the influence of such painters as his idol, Edouard Vuillard, who was a member of the Symbolist group known as Les Nabis (from the Hebrew and Arabic term for “prophets” and, by extension, the artist as the “seer” who reveals the invisible). That definition serves well to capture the magic of Peter’s work.

Peter’s collaboration with us is based on his great interest in the alchemy involved in creating successful interiors. The painting shown below is a depiction of a room decorated with Jet’s Leaf Trail Yellow wallpaper. We hope to promote this aspect of his work and recommend him for commissions based upon this ability to capture with great sensitivity not just the colours and form but also the true feeling of an interior.

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