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English Home Feb 19

The article celebrates the work of current designers, who are embracing pattern and a more eclectic and exhuberant approach to design, such as Salvesen Graham, Emma Deterding, Kate Guiness, Anna Haines, Rachel Davis, Jessica Buckley and Lucy Cunningham as well as producers of designs such as Soane, Tinsmiths, Colefax, Ottoline de Vries, Juliet O’Carrol, Speronella Marsh, Parker and Jules, Charlotte Gaisford, Victoria Sebag-Montefiore,as well as Susan Deliss and Pink House by Rebecca Cole.

We are so pleased to be included among this group with a quote from Susanna and a picture showing the inspiration for the JET Collection ‘Garland’ Fabric Design, which is based on a Regency Teacup and Saucer.

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